Wednesday, May 18, 2022

ExpOmbres MMXXII : “Le 9ème Jour des Poèmes M&Em“....... “Le Violoncelle Enchanté de Venise“


When time becomes space

When the end of Our Shadows

Ripples on the waves of the sea

When our lips

Become a kiss

When our hands

Sculpt caresses

When our looks

Only see our eyes

When our breath

Kiss our bodies

When our words

Become poems

When our questions

Are also our answers

When our steps

Are dance steps

When our hearts

Beat in unison


Then and only then,

The moment expands into time

And time becomes space!



Anthologie de Poésie 2022

Édition les Poètes Français

ExpOmbres MMXXII “The 9th Day of M&Em Poems“

“The Enchanted Cello of Venice“

Venezia, October 13, 2014, Museo della Musica of San Maurizio Church, the cello Antonio Tanegia from 1730, Mariela in Valletta, Malta 2012, with inlays of drawings from 1963 and 2013, petals and sand from the end of Our Shadows, dust from the Diamond M&Em and poems from the Legend of Love without end.

EmMa, MdA, 2017 Signature Awards

Malta Society of Arts, ©Adagp 2022